Born in 2013, Warrior Nation Media Group is a voluntarily-ran service by a collection of specialists. Photography, videography, website and mobile development & application, vocal production and other services are all provided for Anadarko Warrior Athletics as time allows by the volunteers within the group. Warrior Nation Media Group is NOT administered by Anadarko Public Schools.


(Above – Left to Right): Tami Eckiwaudah, Casey Castillo, Ryan “Bull” Pollard, Dylan Young, Angela Barnett, Nathan Harjo, Phillip Goombi, Tracey Redbird-Gabehart & Terence “Wally” Young.

Warrior Nation Media Group is:

Terence “Wally” Young – Photography

Nathan Harjo – Videography & Video Editing/Production

Dylan Young – Graphic Design, Website Development, Videography & Video Editing/Production

Phillip Goombi – Videography

Casey Castillo – Videography

Angela Barnett – Videography

Tami Eckiwauhdah – Videography

Tracey Redbird-Gabehart – Videography

Andrea Wall – Photography

Aaron Ryburn – VocalsĀ / Varsity Football P.A.

Shelby Jones – Information Technology Specialist & UStream Coordinator

Tyler Noland – Website & Mobile Application Development

Lucas Noland – Website & Mobile Application Development

Ryan “Bull” Pollard – Retired intern (2013)